Businessman cheats death in two gunpoint robberies
-one in Trinidad, one on Water St
Stabroek News
December 5, 2003

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A Guyanese businessman who was robbed in neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago on Monday is counting his lucky stars after cheating death for the second time this year.

Albouystown resident, Raymond Ali Shaw, 46, was robbed at gunpoint in Long Denville, Trinidad on Monday while visiting a friend. Shaw who has been trading for several years now, had gone to the twin-island republic on one of his regular business trips to purchase goods for re-sale locally.

However, on this trip, misfortune struck as he became a victim of the escalating crime wave in that country.

It was the second occasion for the year that Shaw had a gun stuck at him, the first being in May as he was proceeding along Water Street in the Stabroek area.

On that occasion, as on Monday, he attempted to fight off the attack but gave in because of the guns pointed at him.

Shaw, who returned from Trinidad on Wednesday night, related his frightening experience at the hands of a gun-toting bandit. According to Shaw, he and his friend were conversing in the man's yard when a young man on a cycle suddenly burst into the property and approached them. Without warning, the man brandished a gun and pointed it at his forehead.

According to Shaw, the gunman then grabbed at his shoulder bag and a brief tussle ensued as he attempted to reclaim it. It was only when the masked gunman cocked his weapon that Shaw relented fearing further harm.

Police summoned to the scene arrived within minutes and along with the businessman visited about four houses in the immediate vicinity where they suspected the gunman might have fled. However, the searches proved futile.

According to Shaw, a report was subsequently made at the Chaguaramas Police Station and they are continuing to investigate the matter.

Among the contents of the black shoulder bag were TT$22,000, Visa and Master cards, bank books, Shaw's Canadian driver's licence and personal jewellery.

During the first attack on May 20, Shaw was proceeding along Water Street in the vicinity of Commerce Street when two men each armed with a gun and cutlass relieved him of a quantity of cash; he had been on his way to complete a transaction.

He urged persons to exercise care when they are moving around any place since nowhere could be considered safe.

Shaw is a past president of the Lions Club of South Georgetown.