RDCs must give leadership in fight against HIV/AIDS
-National Youth Commission
Stabroek News
December 5, 2003

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The National Youth Commission says that other ministries besides the Ministry of Health should develop relevant programmes on HIV/AIDS within their sectors.

In a release to mark World AIDS Day, the body also called on Regional Democratic Councils to provide leadership to their regional constituents in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and also to advocate for resources.

The NYC, an umbrella body representing youths from various faiths, trade unions, political, community, non-governmental, governmental and regional organizations, said it would add its voice and pledge its support to fighting the pandemic.

The release recognised the "sterling contributions" of the health ministry in its plan to provide antiretroviral drugs to patients, the scaling-up of prevention of the mother-to-child transmission programme, as well as voluntary testing and counselling nationally.

The body also extended appreciation to members of the donor community for providing much needed resources.