Project DCC off and running By Clyde Pestano
Stabroek News
December 5, 2003

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Project DCC, which will see the raising of the DCC ground with soil by approximately eight inches in phase one and the rehabilitation of the main pavilion in phase two, has begun.

The DCC ground over the years has been subject to flooding especially during inclement weather, which affects cricket at that venue. The project is a joint effort by the USA and Guyana chapters of the DCC.

Ronald Holder, treasurer of DCC/USA, told Stabroek Sport yesterday that close to $1.7 million will be spent on the first phase. However, he said that at the moment the inclement weather has stalled the project since the trucks could not access the earth needed, nor take it to the ground which is currently water-logged especially in the boundary areas. Holder hopes for good weather soon to complete the first phase of the project before the members who are here return to the USA.

The treasurer told Stabroek Sport that the organization which currently has about 40 members generates funds primarily through a yearly dinner and dance, membership drives and monthly club nights. Most of the members are former DCC players and members who have migrated to the USA. He hastened to add that membership is open to all persons and individuals who would like to contribute and assist the club in a meaningful way.

Ian John, a former vice-president of the DCC, also spoke with Stabroek Sport and disclosed that last Monday foot wear and cricketing apparel were donated to the members of the DCC U-15 and U-19 first division teams courtesy of DCC/USA.

Another development which took place also featured the executive of DCC/Guyana meeting last Wednesday with some of the members of DCC/USA which included its president Dereck Griffith, Holder, Dr Vincent Adams, honorary member, and Clyde Harris, a committee member.

At that meeting the participants discussed plans for the future of both chapters with the marketing of the completed fence around the DCC a main topic for discussion.

DCC/USA is a non-profit organization which was formed in 2000 and its principal officers are Griffith, Holder and Elizabeth Fraser, who is the secretary.

The committee members are Roland Featherstone, Harris and Walter Braithwaite.

Dr Adams, former Guyanese and West Indies leg spinner Lance Gibbs and former West Indies captain Clive Lloyd are honorary members.