Weekend murders not linked to weapons find
-police source
Stabroek News
December 4, 2003

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There is no evidence as yet linking the Lamaha Street weapons find on Tuesday to last weekend's murder of a Comfort Zone taxi driver and his passenger, a senior police source said yesterday.

Speculation was rife in one section of the media that investigators might have stumbled on the murder weapons following a raid of a house in Lamaha Street, Newtown on Tuesday afternoon.

In that blitz, the police found a bag containing two rifles with three magazines and 52 matching rounds of ammunition, as well as a black holster, with belt and magazine pouch. One person was arrested that day and investigators launched a search for a woman who works with a charitable group. Sources said the woman fled before police swooped on the house and up to press time last night, investigators said they had not yet arrested her. It was the third major arms find in recent months.