PNCR denies sabotaging relief
Says it's insisting on transparency
Stabroek News
December 1, 2003

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The main opposition PNCR has denied claims by the PPP/Civic that the party is sabotaging the government's efforts to get debt relief and loans from international lending agencies.

"...We've never discouraged the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) from giving money to Guyana," PNCR MP Jerome Khan said at the party's weekly press conference on Thursday." ...But we have impressed upon them the need for transparency and accountability. It is pointless if none of these systems are in place."

At a press conference earlier in the week, the ruling PPP/C accused the PNCR of being on a campaign to have funds for debt relief and special projects withheld.

The PNCR was accused of putting its own partisan interests first and making unfounded allegations about the government's economic management to discourage financial assistance from the international community.

But the PNCR's Hamley Case said that assessments done by the IFIs have uncovered flaws in the economic management and procedures of the country. He said the government has been asked to put these flaws right and meet certain conditionalities, before funds are released. These conditionalities include reviewing the procurement legislation; strengthening the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament to function as an oversight authority to monitor government spending; improving the Auditor General's office as well as legislation governing the Office; and other improvements in the public financing system.