Wanted man Bovell still lurking - resident
Stabroek News
December 1, 2003

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Wanted man Neil Bovell is still being seen in and around Stanleytown as he continues to drive fear into the hearts of residents.

Bovell came very close to being caught early last month, but managed to escape from a party of policemen who accidentally killed a pensioner during the process.

Stabroek News contacted a resident in the area yesterday only to be told that the fugitive is still been seen roaming the village during the nights.

The resident said Bovell continues to be aided by relatives and friends in the area.

As recent as last week Tuesday night, the resident said a young woman spotted Bovell around 9 as she was about to enter her yard. The woman, who later reported the matter to other residents, had just returned home from evening classes when she saw Bovell dressed in a pair of short pants, a cream jersey and a white head tie.

Asked whether the police were aware of this, the resident said a report was made to one of the police stations on the West Bank, but no one visited.

The resident said too that since November 8 when the police had killed Eustace Small during their high-speed chase of Bovell, they had only returned to the area once.

The police had said earlier that they were still searching for Bovell who they had already issued an arrest warrant for. The police also said their search for Bovell was based upon information from residents and other persons.

Bovell is being hunted for the murder of his reputed wife Phillipa Harrison, Vernon Bernard whose house he also torched and the abduction of Bernard's daughter Velda Bernard.

Even as the police are struggling to catch Bovell two other men, who are wanted for murders, are also on the run. Pooran Deonarine, 42, a taxi driver of Canal Number Two Polder is wanted for the murder of 57-year-old, Bibi Alima Ally and the attempted murder of Ally's friend Rahaman Kudrat. An arrest warrant has been issued for him. The second man is Mark Louchee wanted for the murder of 26-year-old Collis De Abreu of Fourth Street, Alberttown.