Businessman offers to repair Stabroek roads Tailor holding out for pay, no new uniforms for constab City Council Roundup
by Cecil Griffith
Stabroek News
December 1, 2003

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A more detailed examination is to be carried out by the city council on an offer from city businessman Amarnath Muneshwer to rehabilitate the roads around the Stabroek area at a cost of $30,190,750.

He has proposed that the works be done in various stages and that the council deduct the money spent on the project from Muneshwer's Ltd's 2004 rates and taxes.

The Town Clerk Beulah Williams is not in favour and has suggested that if the businessman is desirous, he could undertake the financing or make a contribution towards the cost of road works.

According to a report to the council from the Finance Committee which is chaired by deputy mayor Robert Williams, a number of questions has been raised by a special committee which was set up to look at the Muneshwer offer.

This committee comprising the Public Relations Officer, the acting city treasurer and the assistant city engineer made the point that the law does not provide for taxes to be tied to any particular project.

It was suggested that "an agreed policy be worked out across the board to satisfy citizens if the council were to consider such a proposal..."

The deputy mayor is reported to have suggested that the request be examined from the concept of investment and development.

At Monday's statutory meeting mayor Hamilton Green wondered aloud why more senior officers were not included on the special committee. The deputy mayor was not at the meeting.

An embarrassment

This is not a Christmas prank... it's for real.. read on.. The newly appointed deputy chief constable Mr. Winston Crawford had no uniform to wear, a situation that existed up to last Monday.

This was revealed by the Town Clerk when she replied to a question about the attire of the officer who is now acting chief constable.

Good and Green Guyana councillor Patricia Chase-Green wanted to know why as deputy chief constable officer Crawford appears at statutory meetings dressed in civvies wearing a sober-coloured shirt out of his pants. When the question was raised officer Crawford was seated at the table which is usually occupied by the council's senior officers.

The chief constable and a team are in Miami attending a training course. When asked for an explanation the Town Clerk told councillors there is no uniform available for the acting chief constable.

A follow up by this column revealed that not only the acting chief constable is faced with this dilemma but other officers as well. The bottom line is, the tailor has refused to hand over any more uniforms until he is paid by city hall for work already done.

Day and night patrols

The city police has mobilised more ranks to patrol Water and Regent streets during the Christmas season, with special attention being paid to persons who obstruct or encumber the streets, pavements and parapets.

They will also be looking out for those who attempt to harass shoppers. Security is to be strengthened in and around the city's markets with the enforcement section undertaking day and night patrols.

The constabulary will also be collaborating with the National Police to maintain order on the pavements and streets in the business area.

The acting chief constable has asked for eight communication sets, batteries, antennas and chargers for his communication section. Meanwhile vendors have now resorted to several cross street connecting Regent and Robb streets to sell their goods on the pavements.

Some store owners are still displaying men's and women's apparel outside their premises and clothing is still being offered for sale on parts of Regent Street on vacant lots although city 'fathers' and 'mothers' had decided some weeks ago to act resolutely against those defaulters.

The East La Penitence Market

The owner of a number of stalls in the East La Penitence market has offered to do extensive works at the facility... which seems to have been forgotten by city hall?

Mr Gavin Smith who has had several stalls transferred to him had gone ahead and erected a much needed chain link fence along the western end of the market.

He has also resurfaced the roadway around the block where his stalls are located leading to the western gate... and now wants to rebuild the western gate, all at his own expense. Other works proposed by Mr. Smith include the levelling of the area in front of the market leading to Cemetery road, to be carried out through a joint venture arrangement.