Leak teams on prowl for wasted water
Stabroek News
December 1, 2003

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Guyana Water Inc (GWI) says inspections of customers' connections along the East Coast and Georgetown have revealed that several persons are strapping leaks with pieces of cloth and rubber.

The inspectors also observed a number of defective faucets, overflowing or leaking storage tanks.

According to a press release from Public Relations Officer of GWI, Audreyanna Thomas, GWI was over the past weeks involved in a detailed leak inspection programme on the East Bank, East Coast and in the North and South Ruimveldt areas.

The inspection teams have been looking at leaks along the GWI distribution system and on customer premises.

Areas examined were water mains, service connections, stand pipes, customer storage facilities and water storage methods, such as pumping from mains.

She said while GWI's responsibility ended at the boundary of a customer's premises, the customer had the responsibility to repair their own internal plumbing.

The inspection teams are still advising customers on improvements and issuing notices for such leaks to be repaired within a given period.