Seawall volunteers collect 200 bags of garbage
Stabroek News
November 30, 2003

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One of forty students collecting bags of litter at the Georgetown seafront on Friday. Over 200 bags were collected. The clean up was part of a project to raise money for Mercy Wings school.

On Friday morning, a huge clean up got underway on a part of the Georgetown seafront between Camp Street and Le Meridien, thanks to 40 students from Mercy Wings school.

The rain did not deter the helpers from gathering up over 200 bags of litter from the beach. Two trucks from the City Cleansing Department hauled away the rubbish in bags donated by St Joseph Mercy Hospital.

The students in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency were trying to raise money for their school. Two Canadian friends Rick and Nancy Fenton donated some cash to Mercy Wings upon the successful completion of the job.

Sophia Mercy Wings, a vocational school, was started three years ago by the Sisters of Mercy after they listened to people's needs in the area. The school has grown steadily focusing on giving students trade skills including General Construction, Catering, Hotel Management and Child Care.