PNCR wants escorts for shoe-shopping inmates dismissed
Stabroek News
November 28, 2003

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The opposition PNCR expects the dismissal of the officers who were escorting accused killers Mahendra Baijnauth and Gerald Alonzo on a shopping escapade in the city on Tuesday.

"The PNCR condemns in the strongest possible way this unprecedented display of lawlessness and utter contempt shown by members of the Guyana Police Force," party executive Hamley Case said yesterday, at the PNCR's weekly press conference.

On Tuesday, Baijnauth and Alonzo, the police constables charged with the murder of University of Guyana student Yohance Douglas, were spotted in the Ashanti's boutique on Robb Street and in the Stabroek Square area. They were at the time being escorted by armed police officers who were using a police vehicle to taxi them around. An immediate investigation was ordered after these reports reached the Commissioner of Police.

"We expect that the probe launched by the acting Commissioner will not only lead to the dismissal of the policemen who escorted them on their shopping escapade, but dismissals and/or resignations by the more senior officers who must have given their active or tacit support to this reprehensible incident," case said.

The PNCR has also issued a call to the deputy Director of Prisons, Poshanand Tahal, to mount an investigation.