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Review of escort procedures underway
Stabroek News
November 27, 2003

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The escort procedure for prisoners under police guard is being reviewed.

This comes in the wake of a breach on Tuesday when two policemen charged with the murder of University of Guyana student Yohance Douglas ended up going shopping in the city while under police escort.

"...We do not, or have not condoned any actions that are inconsistent with the rules and regulations governing the custody of prisoners," the Commissioner of Police (ag) Floyd McDonald said yesterday.

He said, as a result of the incident, instructions have been given for a review of the escort procedure.

McDonald ordered an immediate investigation after he received reports of Tuesday's episode and he said yesterday that the police had collected statements and would, at the end of the investigation, make its findings public.

"...and if there is any breach or if there has been any breach, appropriate action will be taken against the rank or ranks concerned."

The three officers who were escorting accused police constables Mahendra Baijnauth and Gerald Alonzo are meanwhile still on duty and McDonald says there is no reason why they should be interdicted pending the outcome of the investigation. He said their attendance was required for the conduct and completion of the investigation.

Baijnauth and Alonzo, who are charged for the murder of Douglas, were spotted shopping in the city around midday on Tuesday. They were seen at the Ashanti boutique on Robb Street and also in the Stabroek Square area, where they were under police escort.

The Commissioner yesterday denied any special treatment: "No instructions have been given or no instruction would be given for any differential treatment of prisoners. A prisoner is a prisoner."