Taxi driver murder
Car found, couple arrested
Stabroek News
November 26, 2003

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A car that went missing last week after its driver was found shot to death has been found abandoned in Berbice, leading to the arrest of a husband and wife yesterday morning.

The arrest came one week after 22-year-old taxi-driver Dexter Henry was discovered on the Ogle foreshore last week Tuesday with a bullet hole to the head. The car he was working, HB 1266, was found at Limlair on the Corentyne Coast.

Stabroek News understands that a man, who originally hailed from Punt Trench Dam in West La Penitence, and his reputed wife were taken into custody, since according to a senior police source, the vehicle was found at about 8 pm under a house they occupied.

One theory about Henry's murder was that he might have been killed on the lower East Coast Demerara and dumped before the murderer drove the car to the Ancient County.

This newspaper understands that several persons reported seeing the vehicle being driven in Berbice and that it was used to drop several persons off at a birthday party in the village shortly before it was abandoned.

The police said they understand that the car was intact when it was found, although there was a cardboard number plate to the front. The police said they have to conduct scientific tests on the vehicle. A blood-soaked covering for the car's back seat and a pair of short pants that did not belong to Henry were found in a dump further along the East Coast Demerara after the discovery of the young man's body.

Investigators are optimistic that they will soon solve Henry's murder, but some mystery still surrounds the disappearance of the young man's cellular phone. Reports indicate that the instrument is in use, and Henry's mother and another relative have received calls from Henry's phone. However, the callers did not say anything, but made strange sounds instead.

Henry, a father of a one-year-old girl, was found clad only in a pair of brief and socks. He had only started driving the car earlier this month, just a day or two after an Albouystown businessman purchased the vehicle.

The car's owner last saw Henry alive the day before he disappeared when he took family members to a wedding ceremony at Enmore on the East Coast Demerara. Other persons reported seeing him alive the night before his body was found, when three persons hired him to take them to Melanie, another East Coast Demerara village. (Kim Lucas)