Suriname, Guyana police to work on tracking fugitives Stabroek News
November 23, 2003

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The Suriname Police Corps (KPS) and the Guyanese Police Force (GPF) are working closely together to track down Guyanese criminals who have fled to Suriname.

"We have been able to map that a number of criminals from Guyana have fled to Suriname because they could no longer stay in Guyana," a KPS executive says in a de Ware Tijd (DWT )news report.

Among them is convicted drug trafficker Mark Tyrell, known as "Jah Punter," whom local police are seeking to have arrested and extradited.

Earlier in the week, KPS executives and the local Commissioner of Police (ag), Floyd McDonald, worked out agreements on how collaboration can take place between the two agencies.

It was agreed that the Guyanese police would send a complete list with data on Guyana's most wanted criminals, which KPS says would make it easier to track down and apprehend these criminals.

According to DWT, KPS intelligence suggests that the fugitives, who have "crossed over" to Suriname, have been given shelter in the Surinamese underworld.

It is still being ascertained which of them have crossed over or what crimes they have committed but the KPS has hard evidence that Tyrell is in Suriname said DWT.

As far as their intelligence suggests, he has not yet committed any criminal offences in Suriname but the Guyanese police have asked for his arrest and extradition.