30 called to trials for Carib Beer squad
Stabroek News
November 23, 2003

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Thirty players have been requested to attend the second and final Carib Beer trial match of four days duration at the GCC ground Bourda. The match starts next Tuesday at 10:00 hrs.

Those called are N. Mc Garrel, S. Chattergoon, R. Ramdass, T. Cornelius, T. Dowlin, A. Percival, D. Dasrat, V. Nagamootoo, I. Jafferally, Z. Mohammed, B. Stephney, R. Griffith, Q. Maltay, E. Katchay, P. Mahadeo, M. Nagamootoo, A. Haniff, K. Arjune, L. Cush, L. Johnson, H. Pooran, A. Fudadin, T. Tull, L. Persaud, Z. Khan, H. Harrinarine, S. Drepaul, R. Thomas, T. Garraway and E. Crandon.

Umpires for the match are Clyde Duncan and Eddie Nichols.