Carmichael St victim was shot three times Stabroek News
November 22, 2003

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Ryan Lyken-Kingston, who was fatally shot by police in Carmichael Street on Wednesday, died as a result of perforation of the heart and liver due to multiple gunshot wounds.

Gordon Kingston, the dead man's father who witnessed the post- mortem examination yesterday, told Stabroek News his son had been shot three times.

According to him, one of the bullets had exited but the other two had lodged somewhere in his chest.

A police press release issued on the day of the incident had said Kingston was shot and killed while police were making inquiries into a report of break and enter and larceny. It said that investigations into the circumstances surrounding the shooting had been launched by the authorities. But efforts to obtain additional information from the police since then have been unsuccessful.

The police's version of what transpired differs from what eyewitnesses said. According to the persons who witnessed the incident, Kingston was shot after he had started to punch the police officer who had asked to search a bag he was carrying. They said the rank had been dressed in civilian clothing and had not identified himself to Kingston. Additionally, the police officer had been one of three men travelling in a white Toyota Corolla car, PHH 6607.

Kingston's mother, Danielette, told this newspaper her son had once been a teacher but had taken up farming after he suffered a nervous breakdown. She also said he had never had any difficulty with the law.