Royal runaround (A comment)
Stabroek News
November 20, 2003

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Several weeks ago Stabroek Sport did an article on the dilapidated state of the NSC tennis court, opposite the Immigration Office on Camp Street and Woolford Avenue, and its surroundings inclusive of the fencing.

A few days later work started on the fence, which has since been completed. As a result Stabroek Sport sought to get from the relevant authorities the cost of the project and who was responsible for the work done with a view to giving credit where it was due.

The first `approach' by telephone was made to NSC chairman, retired former Police Commissioner Lawrie Lewis (226-8512) who was kind enough to disclose to this newspaper that the work was being done under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sport.

As a result he referred this reporter to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture Youth & Sport, Keith Booker. After repeated calls to Mr Booker's office on telephone no. 226-8542 Sta-broek Sport was told to make contact with Mr Neil Kumar Director of Sport on telephone no. 225-6340. This reporter was also given Mr Kumar's cell phone number and did indeed make contact with him on that number. While this reporter was explaining the purpose of the call to Mr Kumar, he told this reporter that he was not hearing what was being said clearly and that he can call him approximately half an hour later (2:40pm) at his office. That call was made but this reporter was told that the Director was at a meting and unavailable.

This is the sad tale of trying to get information from public officials.

(Clyde Pestano)