State broadcasting boards to remain until merger
Stabroek News
November 14, 2003

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Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon said yesterday that the life of the boards of GTV and GBC would be extended pending the merger of the two state broadcasting entities.

The Guyana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and the Guyana Television Broadcasting Company (GTV) are in the process of merging with the aim of cutting costs.

During his weekly press briefing held yesterday Luncheon said the administration was in the process of appointing members of the two major parties to state boards across Guyana.

According to Luncheon, Cabinet approved the new board at the Guyana National Newspapers Limited (GNNL) which comprises Chairman Keith Burrowes, Hubert Rodney, Mohamed Karrimullah, David de Groot, Supriya Singh, Tota Mangar and a representative from the Consumers' Association. Rodney had previously been the chairman of this board.

Luncheon announced that the appointments would be for the New Year, as the life of those boards expired at the end of November and December.

He also stated that the exercise would be influenced by the decision of the leaders to appoint acceptable PPP/C and PNCR members to boards in general.

But he said that for some boards, as in the state media, the exercise would be influenced by the agreements made by the parties on the recommendations of the bi-partisan Committee on State Media Boards and the Radio Monopoly. According to the Government Information Agency (GINA), membership would be extended to workers' representatives, representatives of the two leaders, the University of Guyana and the Consumers Association.