Three men abduct Friendship labourer Johann Earle
Stabroek News
November 13, 2003

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A 29-year-old resident of Friendship, East Bank Demerara (EBD), was on Tuesday night abducted from in front of his home by three men in a white car.

Krishna Lakeram, of 16 Friendship, who is a labourer and farmer, was said to have been forced into a car with licence plates, PFF 2888, at around 7 pm on Tuesday.

The men, according to reports, have made no demands for money nor have they made any contact with the relatives.

According to the man's mother, Sumintra Persaud, two men forced him into the car while one of them sat at the wheel. "They put him in the back seat," she said, adding that one of them was "fine and tall" while the other was "short." She said that as the men took her son, she shouted to them, "Weh you carry he? Weh you carry he?"

Family members told Stabroek News from the home in Friendship last night that they spent the day searching many of the police stations, including those on the East Bank and the Brickdam Station to no avail. "We checked all over but there is no sign of him," a relative said.

They said that police ranks visited the home and the scene where the kidnapping occurred and advised the parents to visit the Grove Police Station to make a report. The father, Lakeram Rambarose, who works as a watchman, said that a police rank told him that he could not trace the registration number, an indication that the plates might have been false.

Krishna's mother and father are appealing for his safe return. "He did not have any story with anyone, he drinks sometimes but that is all. He is very kind," the father said.

According to the parents, Krishna is an only child who is unmarried and has no children. "We have to hope and pray that nothing happens to him," one relative said.

Several weeks ago an East Coast Demerara taxi driver Vivekanand Nandalall was kidnapped when he was on duty. A ransom was paid for his release but he had not been found up to now. (Johann Earle)