WPA urges public outcry against re-emergence of violent crime
Stabroek News
November 12, 2003

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The Working People's Alliance (WPA) is calling on "all law-abiding citizens" to let their voices be heard against the re-emergence of violent crime in the country, lest everyone be consumed.

The party in a statement on recent violence here says "some boast of peace and the end to violence, (but) the truth is that Guyana is wracked with the newest and deadliest forms of violence experienced since Independence."

"Not only is the murder rate at an all-time high," the WPA notes, "but also the unprecedented wave of executions accompanied by the gross disfigurement of several victims is now part of everyday life."

In that light, the party asks: "Where are the voices of protest against these abominations? How can the cold-blooded execution of young men continue with no public outcry from those who claim to be the moral conscience of society?"

According to the WPA, "police inaction in the face of this nightmare will only embolden those engaged in this deadly work and further encourage the belief that the perpetrators feel secure because of their political and security connections."