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November 12, 2003

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"Questioned on the status of the bunker for cancer fighting equipment in the GPHC compound, Ramsammy said that one part of the building was completed and was now waiting for a Cuban team to come in. He said when the team arrived it would be able to get the caesium unit going. (January 21, 2002)

"...The (Berbice) bridge will be completed no later than October 31, 2002, a confident Minister Xavier told the National Assembly." (April 5, 2000)

"He (Xavier) said that once the development agreement was concluded... he could safely say that it should be signed by the second week of November, paving the way for the commencement of the project a short while later." (September, 2001)

Govt ready to roll with Berbice Bridge agreements - Xavier (December 5, 2001)

Berbice Bridge project stalls - Jan 12, 2003

"Xavier said the Guyanese authorities have been assured that work will recommence on the (Takutu) bridge after a halt last year." Feb 6, 2003

"According to Xavier, government expected to realise the funds to widen the (East Bank) road in about three months' time after which construction would begin." July 10, 1999

"The ministry's most remarkable achievement in the Roads Division, Xavier said, was the proposal by the Brazilians to fund the Linden to Lethem road."

February 5, 2001.

"According to Prime Minister Sam did not also see the need for Beal to submit a business plan for approval before a deal was signed and did not find it necessary to do a due diligence on the firm, because it was mentioned in reputable magazines." (May 20, 2002)

"Prime Minister... said the government was "looking closely at the people Beal has retained ... so that we are confident that this is a group that has the experience and expertise to undertake this activity in a sustainable way." Dec 7, 1999

"Beal rocket launch company shuts down" October 24, 2000


"We have a good partner in CDC/ESBI who would deliver an electricity supply, not for free, maybe not what we may like to pay, but at the lowest possible sustainable prices and no one can do better than that..." Aug 3, 1999

"The PNC will oppose the legislation. It will oppose the privatisation deal. CDC/ESBI should assess the situation, take heed and quietly fade away, unless they want to buy a bundle of political and industrial problems and lose their investment in the process", he added". Desmond Hoyte July 28, 1999

"It was a load on my shoulders" to get the power sector modernised, Prime Minister Sam Hinds said at the signing. Oct 3, 1999

"Gov't to buy back GPL for $1" April 1, All Fools Day, 2003


The establishment of the peace pole in the Promenade Gardens is one more genuine gesture of hope for this deeply troubled country...NOT. In fact it symbolises nothing else than another fringe church (as if the country does not have enough) looking for its 15 minutes of fame. If those in attendance had used the time spent organising this event picking up garbage on Camp St they would have done something worthier. People Get Real. By the way who gave them permission to put up this peace pole in a public garden in the first place?


When Doctor Ramsahoye

Was a little boy

He spent a guinea

On a book by Pliny

Are we being mean?

But is Ramsammy glowing green?

If those caesium units have sprung a leak

He'll be without a paddle up s*%$'s creek

Question of the Week

You have to be joking. The nurses involved in the death of Somatie Singh only got warning letters?