Linden mother wounded in knife attack
Stabroek News
November 11, 2003

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A 29-year-old mother of three was last night brutally assaulted with a knife by a man, who then turned his weapon on himself and tried to end his own life.

Leonan Hoyte of Fair's Rust, Linden is now a patient at the Linden Hospital Complex, after surviving the brutal attack at the hands of the man with whom she had had a long-standing relationship.

The incident occurred shortly after 7:00 pm at an internet cafe located on Daagrad Avenue, Mackenzie. Hoyte was cornered in a room in the building by her attacker, who was said to be in a fit of jealous rage, accusing the woman of being unfaithful.

Armed with a knife, he repeatedly slashed her about her body. People who were in the café heard her screams and rushed to her rescue, but found the door locked from inside. They broke open the door to the room where they found her attacker still inflicting wounds.

He had already used the knife to slit his own throat. He stopped only after the owner of the building fired a few shots in the air.

Hoyte and her attacker were then removed from the room and taken to the Linden Hospital Complex.

The police were also alerted. Hoyte was admitted as a patient and is said to be in a stable condition.

Her attacker was also listed in a stable condition at the hospital, where he is under police guard.