Shadick voices concern over rising domestic violence
Stabroek News
November 7, 2003

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Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Bibi Shadick yesterday expressed concern at the increasing acts of domestic violence and said more attention will be placed on countering this problem.

In a statement, Shadick also advised parents to refrain from beating their children and to put off punishing them when angry.

“It is with much concern that we notice the increasing incidence of domestic violence that leads to murder and other traumatic phenomena,” Shadick said.

The minister’s statement pointed out that such tragedies as husband/wife killings, child abuse and suicide “rob us of core elements of the society which we fail to recognise as substantial in the first place. Lives lost represent a hand in the sugar factory, in the public sector, one less teacher for our schools or a future leader of this country. Too many of the nation’s children are left orphans...”

It was noted that crimes of passion, particularly murder, were often linked to the abuse of alcohol and/or are the result of a history of physical and emotional exploitation.

In light of this reality, the statement warned that it is dangerous for any man or woman to remain in an abusive relationship.

The ministry and other agencies are involved in programmes designed to counter domestic violence and ensure that citizens learn to resolve conflicts in a manner that precludes violence, the statement added.