PNCR: Guyana is now ‘narco-state’
Stabroek News
November 1, 2003

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The PNCR says Guyana has become a narco-state where the Guyana Police Force appears helpless to arrest the fragmentation of a once orderly society.

The party made this statement on Thursday at its weekly press conference, where central executive member, Deryck Bernard commented that lawlessness ruled the day as citizens were involuntarily subjected to scenes of murders, kidnappings, violent attacks and rapes on a daily basis.

Bernard stated that time and time again the party had pleaded with the government to put aside petty partisan politics and pay careful attention to the changing trends in crime and the organised crime syndicates it is meant to confront.

“Not a day goes by without a report of another body being discovered shot or beaten to death or of an abduction of unsuspecting persons by those who everyone describes as policemen or of someone shooting or maiming a spouse or friend in a drunken rage.”

According to Bernard the stark reality is that the monster that Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon referred to as the “Phantom Force” has wholly infiltrated the GPF and is now apparently uncontrollable as it deviates from whatever was its intended role.

Bernard said the party was reliably advised that certain members of the force had been instructed to work along with well-armed irregulars who had no law-abiding role or interest.

The party said the force must be helped to find its feet quickly if the country was to stand a chance of staving off the deluge that is rapidly descending.