City councillors told laws make no provision for pensions
Stabroek News
November 1, 2003

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City `fathers’ and `mothers’ have been advised by the council’s legal adviser that the Laws of Guyana make no provision for them to get pensions.

At a statutory meeting of the council on July 28, members voted unanimously on a motion for the payment of pensions to councillors after four years’ service. Mayor Hamilton Green was not present at the meeting and at a subsequent sitting said he was uncomfortable with the decision.

The payments are to be computed on terms similar to those of members of parliament.

One of the clauses of the motion noted that “We the members of the council were democratically selected from 1994 and in the majority of instances, have served continually and continuously on the council from 1994 up to this present 2003.”

The opinion of the council’s legal adviser states “with reference to Chapter 1.07, the Laws of Guyana make no provision for the payment of pensions to councillors,” and he knows of no other law that “makes provision for same.”

The council’s Legal Affairs and Security Committee chaired by attorney-at-law C.M.L. John is to have another look at the wording of the motion before it is brought back to full council.

The motion was spearheaded by Good and Green, Guyana (GGG) councillor Harold Kissoon with support from councillor John.

At present each councillor receives a monthly stipend or travelling allowance of $30,000 in addition to twice monthly servings of food prepared by an outside caterer. Tea and coffee as well as fruit juices are available at the fortnightly meetings at City Hall. (Cecil Griffith)