And then there were three
-List of wanted murderers grows
Stabroek News
November 1, 2003

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While the police are struggling to apprehend two men wanted for murders committed during the past two months, a third has now been added to their list.

The taxi driver of Canal Number Two Polder, who murdered 57-year-old, Bibi Alima Ally and seriously wounded her husband and their friend Rahaman Kudrat has joined fugitive, Neil Bovell, wanted for two murders, kidnapping and the torching of a home.

The third man, Mark Louchee is wanted for the murder of 26-year-old Collis De Abreu outside of the Blue Iguana nightclub in Fifth Street Alberttown.

A senior police officer told this newspaper yesterday that the police were intensively searching for all three men.

With respect to Bovell and the Canal Number Two killer, residents from both villages, Stanleytown and Canal Number Two, have claimed sightings of the men, but Louchee has not been seen since his escape.

Bovell is being hunted for the murder of his reputed wife Phillipa Harrison, Vernon Bernard whose house he also torched, and the abduction of Bernardís daughter Velda Bernard.

Residents of Stanleytown were up to this week adamant that he was still hiding in some dense bushes in Stanleytown.

Several weeks elapsed before the police finally issued an arrest warrant for De Abreuís alleged killer.

Louchee allegedly opened fire in Alberttown killing De Abreu and injuring another man.

The police had said they knew him well, noting that he was a regular patron of the bar, which should have made their investigations easier.

And residents of Canal Number Two Polder reported on Wednesday that they had seen the taxi driver walking on a dam in the village. Meanwhile, Kudrat remains in the Georgetown Hospital in a stable condition. The two bullets which he had received during the shooting were yet to be removed from his face and hand.

Ally was buried on Thursday.