Youth found battered to death
Stabroek News
October 28, 2003

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Mystery surrounds the discovery of the battered body of 21-year-old Vishnudyal Woodith, found on the Success Access Road early Sunday morning.

Police say they are investigating the matter, but have not yet made any arrests.

The young man’s grandmother, Jasmat said she last saw him alive around 11 am on Saturday.

She said Woodith woke up early that morning and headed to a nearby rum shop. The old woman said he returned at around 11 am asked for something to eat before going back to drink.

Jasmat said she did not see him return home on Saturday evening and feared that something was wrong. “But me old, I can’t go look fuh he and sometimes he does be all over.”

The woman eventually went to bed, but when she arose on Sunday morning she was greeted with the news that Woodith had been found dead, lying on the street a short distance from his home. She said he was not a bad boy, neither was he in any problem with anyone. However, she said, he was a hard drinker and was very miserable whenever he drank.

Residents in the area told this newspaper yesterday that they had not heard nor seen anything. They agreed that Woodith was a regular at the rum shop and might have been beaten and thrown on the road or beaten on his way home.

They lamented the manner of his death, noting that in life he had been very helpful. According to one man, Woodith was very dependable but was too extravagant in his drinking habits.

Jasmat told this newspaper both of Woodith’s parents were now dead. She said since they died she had tried to maintain him. The 21-year-old was unemployed and Jasmat said whenever he got money he would use up most of it to buy rum.

However, she said despite his bad habits he did not deserve to die in such manner. “Wah he coulda do dem? He a wan peaceful boy, everybody knows him.” (Nigel Williams)