Number of street children rising
-ministry Stabroek News

October 3, 2003

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Officials of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security say a growing number of parents are not taking care of their children and as a result the number of street children is increasing, the Government Information Agency (GINA) reported yesterday.

And while there are several homes and charitable institutions in Guyana for homeless people, there is only one centre where children may drop in for a meal and shelter at nights.

At the Drop-in Centre on Brickdam, GINA said, children can also enjoy reading and become involved in other activities.

There are also a number of orphanages and childrenís homes around the country. However, some childrenís homes are overcrowded.

GINA listed some of the homes for adults as the Archerís Home, Beacon Foundation, the Byerís Home and the Help and Shelter Crisis Centre, while for children there are the Joshua House, the Bright Horizon Childrenís Home, the Red Cross Convalescent Home, St Annís Orphanage and the Sadrí Boysí Orphanage.