WICB president makes special appeal
By Faizool Deo
Guyana Chronicle
December 21, 2003

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“THE challenges are enormous for Guyana to attain CWC 2007 World Cup matches, but not impossible.

Therefore, I am making a special appeal for every one to work with the president and members of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) to make this a reality, the potential impact and substantial benefit that will flow to the region directly and indirectly is enormous.”

These were the words of the president of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), Teddy Griffith, in his feature address at the GCB annual awards ceremony on Friday night at the Ocean View International Hotel.

According to Griffith his goal is to have at least 60 per cent readiness by Caribbean territories by June of 2005.

“ The mandate of CWC 2007 is to deliver the best World Cup ever so we must be ready, this must be a Caribbean event, with a Caribbean flavour.”

The WICB president also stated that the company that bought rights to the 2002 and the 2007 World Cups would be looking keenly on maximising on the West Indies World Cup since they lost approximately one hundred million dollars from the South African World Cup.

Ever single requirement that is necessary for the granting of matches must be adhered to since this is an economically viable venture.

Also speaking at the award ceremony was Minister of Culture Youth and Sport, Gail Teixeira, who expressed her optimism about World Cup 2007 becoming a reality in Guyana, “ I am confident that Guyana can be ready for the 2007 World Cup, but this can only happen if we pool our resources together.”

According to the Minister, building the stadium is only one hurdle to cross since even if our country has a World Cup ready stadium there are still other requirements that must be fulfilled before our land is granted matches.

On December 6, Guyana, along with other territories were given bid books which had in it approximately 17 requirements for making our country World Cup ready.

To this end Guyana has registered a bid committee with Minister Teixeira leading from the front, other members include President of the Guyana Cricket Board. Chetram Singh and Major General Mr. Norman McLean.

The Minister stated that the immediate task ahead was that of completing the bid booklet by May 6, 2004; this would indicate to the CWC 2007 that Guyana theoretically is prepared.

Earlier this month two engineers came from India with a design for Guyana’s World Cup stadium, this design according to Minister Teixeira is very exciting and when President Bharrat Jagdeo visits India next month it is the hope of the committee to move the building of the stadium into its next gear.