Guyanese Amerindian Sculpture exhibition extends to January
Guyana Chronicle
December 14, 2003

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AN EXHIBITION of sculpture by three Guyanese artists, Lokono (Arawak) sculptors Oswald Hussein, Linus Clenkian and Roland Taylor, opened on Monday November 10 at the Queen's Park Gallery, St. Michael, Barbados, as part of the events marking the 37th annual congress of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA).

The exhibition, śMoving Circle II", showing 32 works by the artists from St. Cuthbert's, on the Mahaica River, was viewed by art critics from several countries in Europe, the Caribbean, North America and elsewhere who attended the 2-day Barbados congress.

Brief remarks were made at the exhibition opening by Janice Whittle, Curator of the Queen's Park Gallery; Elfrieda Bissember, Curator of the National Gallery, Guyana, who curated the exhibition; and Henry Meyric Hughes, current President of AICA, President and co-founder of the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Manifesta, and former Director of the Hayward Gallery, London.

Artist Oswald Hussein also attended the event courtesy of BWIA International and private sponsorship. The Guyanese sculptors' work received widespread praise for its high level of technical skill which incorporated imaginative concepts in beautifully finished forms.
The exhibition followed a highly successful two-week workshop last April in woodcarving techniques conducted by the Lokono artists with students and professional artists at the Barbados Community College (BCC). The workshop was sponsored by the college and the National Art Gallery Committee (NAGC) of Barbados.

The workshop and exhibition proposal were prompted by a visit by AICA members to Guyana in August 2002 for the 5th Annual General Meeting of the AICA Southern Caribbean chapter, hosted by the National Gallery, Castellani House, when the work of Amerindian sculptors was viewed at St. Cuthbert's.

The exhibition was sponsored by the NAGC and the National Cultural Foundation of Barbados (NCF), and AICA Southern Caribbean. Originally scheduled to end November 29, the exhibition has been extended to run from December 21 to January 10, 2004, in the Grand Salle of the Central Bank of Barbados. The continuation of the exhibition is being sponsored by the NCF Barbados.