Kidnapped teenager rescued by police
- Abductors in police custody
Guyana Chronicle
December 11, 2003

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GINA - Members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) anti kidnapping unit swooped down on a house at Lamaha Street, Alberttown yesterday, and recovered an 18-year-old kidnap victim, who was abducted yesterday.

Commissioner of Police (ag), Floyd McDonald said that the recovery exercise was 100 percent successful and expressed pride at the police ranks involved in the exercise.

Though he declined to disclose the name of the victim for security reasons, the Minister however confirmed that sometime during the course of Tuesday, it was reported to the Police that a teenager was kidnapped.

Subsequent investigations and events that unfolded vindicated the theory of a kidnapping.

Commissioner Mc Donald said the investigations led to the recovery of the teenager and the detention in police custody of a number of persons.

The Police are continuing with their investigation.

According to the Commissioner, he is heartened by the attitude to work shown by the ranks involved in the investigation. He said it was brought to the attention of the Police that the abductors demanded a ransom of one million dollars and that some money was paid.

He said too that a portion of the ransom money was recovered and that information on the amount paid and recovered would be made public in a subsequent release.

Minister Gajraj also expressed gratitude for the perseverance and commitment of the Police Commissioner and ranks, who worked through Tuesday night in order to effect the recovery of the kidnapped victim.

In addition to the efforts of the Police, The minister acknowledged the help of some members of the public who rendered assistance of varying kinds.

It is that kind of cooperation which the law enforcement agencies are looking forward to having from the public, he said, adding it is the hope of the agencies that in whatever they endeavor, it will augur well for the restoration of greater confidence of the general public in the Police Force.

Minister Gajraj was particularly happy that the Force had been able to recover the youth and hopes that he would be able to assist the police in further investigations.

He further expressed optimism that the apprehension of suspects in the incident would lead to the breaking of a ring, inclined to abduct individuals for ransoms.

He recalled the Kidnapping Act which was passed in the National Assembly and said there is sufficient evidence to sustain prosecution under the Act.

The Minister in reiterating calls for Guyanese to minimize the opportunities they create for criminal activity to be perpetrated against them, exerted of parents and school children to be alert, careful and more sensitive to their surroundings.

Minister Gajraj said that the opportunities for crimes to be committed are created in many cases, unknowingly.

Meanwhile, routine medical checks were conducted on the victim at a city hospital where is reported to be resting comfortably.