Rose Hall club launches 8-week youth programme
Guyana Chronicle
December 9, 2003

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With sponsorship from the International Telephone Carrier-Sprint 151, the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (R.H.T.Y.C) has launched an ambitious educational project from which 110 primary and secondary school students in the Lower Corentyne Area stand to benefit.

Club Secretary Mr. Hilbert Foster stated that this was just another programme in the Club's $5M Anti-Drugs, Pro-Education campaign, which targets 60,000 youths in Regions 5 and 6.

In a media release, Marketing Manager of Sprint 151, Ms. Jewel Mzobi, said her company was pleased to be working with such a "dynamic youth organization in the education sector" and pledged Sprint's support in the future.

Education Director of the New Millennium Centre Mr. Olato Sam urged the students to take advantage of the courses offered.

Evening classes for 40 Level Five primary school students began on November 11 in Integrated Science, Mathematics, English and Social Studies.

Another 40 secondary school students started have begun classes in Mathematics, English and Computing. Thirty primary school students from Levels One to Three are also involved in a pilot reading project, which is aimed at improving the reading skills of the students.

Twenty tutors have been specifically trained to conduct one-on-one sessions with the students, who have received reading materials and equipment free of cost, as well as daily snacks with some additional sponsorship from Sprint.

The teachers will be paid a stipend during the eight-week course.

Fifteen pairs of desks and benches, monthly stipends for two teachers for six months, a monthly supply of exercise books, pens and pencils for students, textbooks for research and two blackboards were also supplied under the $400,000 sponsorship provided by Sprint 151.

At the launching of the educational project, the club also commissioned its $700,000 gym for members and the general public.

Sprint 151 was inducted as the fifth Official Sponsor for the Club, joining Bakewell, Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GT&T), Courts and Farfan & Mendes, the release stated.