Elderly remigrant complains of harassment over property
Guyana Chronicle
November 17, 2003

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AN 80-year-old remigrant of Lot 62 Hadfield Street, Lodge, is accusing a neighbour of denying him the right to take possession of a house, which he claims he purchased in 1965 and for which he has a prescriptive title.

Mr Oscar Durham, his reputed wife Barbara Didi, 42, and daughter Onika, 8, have been occupying a rented apartment just a few lots away from Durham's house, while repairs are being carried out on the property. He is hoping that he and his family would be able to move into in time for Christmas.

Durham said he commenced repairs to the house in September and, to date, has spent over $500,000.

But it seems as if his dreams may not be realised as quickly as he wants. Moments after 6:30 hrs last Friday, the silence of the neighbourhood was shattered by the sounds of hammering and breaking glass.

Checks revealed that some unidentified men, who had arrived in a minibus, were in the process of dismantling the building. The men claimed that they had been hired by Durham's neighbour.

Vigilant neighbours saved the day for Durham, who because of illness, cannot move around freely without assistance.

Damage was also done to the neighbour's premises, but it is unclear by whom.

The two parties have been at loggerheads over the property for sometime, and Durham has since sought redress in the Court.

Durham's attorney, Ms Rinee Kissoon, when contacted yesterday by the Chronicle, pointed out that in addition to her client being an aged man, he has had undisturbed possession of the house and land for some 30 years.

Over the years, Durham paid periodic visits to Guyana.

Durham said the current problem started only after the neighbour, himself a remigrant, returned and established a business.