GTU launches archives exhibition
Guyana Chronicle
October 15, 2003

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The Guyana Teachers union (GTU) yesterday launched an archives exhibition at its Woolford Avenue headquarters.

First Vice-President of the union, Philip Roberts, said the five-day exhibition is focusing on the contributions of the nation's teachers to the changes that have taken place in the education system over the years.

The exhibition is part of the GTU's observance of World Teachers Day and is being held under the theme: "Teachers in Education Trends and Development in Guyana". According to Roberts the exhibition, which is being held for its second year, is targeting schools in the Georgetown community and has on display over 174 documents pertaining to salary issues and general education among others.

Asked how useful is the exhibition to schools, Roberts replied that it would be helpful as research documents for teachers studying at the University of Guyana to fulfill the requirement of their assignments and noted that already some teachers have requested to use some of the documents. In relation to school children he said the documents would help children to become aware of the importance of the teacher to the society.

Roberts said the idea of hosting such an exhibition began when he stumbled on a 1934 document of the Guyana Teachers Association as the union was then called, and he put the idea to the leadership of the union, which agreed.

The National Archives, the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre and other research institutions have been invited to participate in the exhibition, Roberts disclosed. (Chamanlall Naipaul)