Draft World Bank document not authentic, credible source of analysis on governance, economy - Information Liaison to the President
Guyana Chronicle
October 5, 2003

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(GINA) – THE report of the World Bank is disqualified from being used as a credible source of analysis because it is in draft form and is error-ridden, Information Liaison Officer to the President, Mr. Robert Persaud said yesterday.

Stabroek News recently published several articles based on the findings of the draft World Bank Report.

“While we continue to respect the Stabroek News’ right to publish matters that it considers of interest to the Guyanese public, we feel that in the present situation, the fact that the report is in a draft, incomplete and error-ridden state, disqualifies it as an authentic and credible source of social, economic and political analyses,” Persaud said.

According to Persaud, coverage was given to the draft report with the conviction that the statement simplifies the process leading to the final document and conveys the impression that all that is necessary to be done is for the government’s comments to be accommodated in the finished version.

The media has a professional responsibility not to convey false or distorted messages to the public, Persaud pointed out, adding that they should, as a rule, strive for accuracy and “ensure that their reports do not treat as a final opinion matters which are still under review.”

“The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration has always respected the right of the media to have access to information and to report on matters of fact.

The administration, he said, is disturbed over the manner in which the Stabroek News continues to treat with “this subject and gives the draft report a credibility not in keeping with its `draft’ status and can mislead the public into thinking that the views expressed therein are final and conclusive. The World Bank had only recently issued in brief statement in which it made it emphatically clear that the report was a draft and not yet complete. Further the World Bank informed the public that the Ministry of Finance corrections and other in-put are being included in a final Guyana Development Policy Review, which will be released and circulated.”