IAC wants inquiry into Gibson's book
Guyana Chronicle
October 1, 2003

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THE Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) has brought the attention of the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) to a publication titled "The Cycle of Racial Oppression in Guyana" by Dr. Kean Gibson, and made a formal complaint to the body regarding this publication.
In a press release, the IAC says it strongly feels that "this publication is peddling and spreading racial hatred in Guyana between its principal ethnic groups."

The IAC called upon the ERC to conduct an inquiry, including a public inquiry, into the publication, "with a view to condemning race hate propaganda and removing this publication from circulation. The contention of the IAC is based on the fact that the central theme of this publication is as follows: Hindus in Guyana are oppressing Afro-Guyanese/black people."

The IAC says it finds it "extremely disturbing not only because the allegation is false, but also because this falsehood is being peddled by Gibson, who holds a doctorate from a university, and because many persons may be led to believe that there is some truth in this myth because of Dr. Gibson's academic qualifications."

The IAC, while noting it is a crime for one ethnic group to oppress another ethnic group in Guyana, says it is very anxious for the ERC to obtain from Dr. Gibson where exactly this oppression is taking place: "In which locality/localities? In which county/counties? In which region/regions? In which institution/institutions? In which organization or organizations? In which entity/entities?

"The IAC wishes to extract this information from Dr. Gibson so that we all may be able to visit the scene/scenes of this crime and have it eliminated if, indeed, such a crime/crimes is/are taking place."

The IAC says it will be grateful to hear from the ERC at the earliest opportunity and will make itself available to appear before the ERC to elaborate on the matter.