Criticism of Ms Gibson is based on the poor quality of her work

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October 21, 2003

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Dear Editor,

I refer to Mr. Keith Williams’ letter captioned “Africans are seen through the prism of the culture responsible for their enslavement” [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] (11.10.03).

Mr. Williams makes the claim that those who critiqued Ms. Gibson’s booklet “Cycle of racial oppression” are attacking her personally, attacking the messenger rather than the message. Mr. Williams is quite incorrect in his assumption.

Ms. Gibson puts forward a number of statements and bases which are non-factual and then draws conclusions from them, forgetting that if your bases are faulty or wrong your conclusions will be faulty or wrong. Ms. Gibson also claims that her publication is as a result of research. When her “research” methods and methodology are examined, they are found to be shallow and the result of poor scholarship.

Ms. Gibson’s booklet has been critiqued on (i) the unfactualness of some of her statements and assumptions, (ii) her subjective conclusions and statements such as that one set of Guyanese are carrying out genocide against another, and other such vicious and preposterous statements and (iii) her shallow scholarship and poor research methodology. There is nothing personal in this.

Yours faithfully,