Debate on Gibson’s book

Stabroek News

October 10, 2003

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Dear Editor,

It has been very enlightening (in so many ways) to read the various critiques of Dr Keane Gibson’s book. Nonetheless I will refrain from calling any of the contributions “scholarly” or “erudite” or even “objective”, as some may suggest. I will withhold judgment for the time being.

To date the Stabroek News has been generous in allowing those under fire in the letters pages, to clarify or comment. Has Dr Gibson been afforded this courtesy?

Yours faithfully,

Gordon Burnett

Editor’s note:

Dr Gibson is welcome to express her views if she wishes to do so. She had written to say that we had wrongly reported that she had applied to be appointed professor and been turned down. We had asked her to clarify what was inaccurate but have heard nothing further.