GCA, ECCB condemn attack on GCB by DCB
Stabroek News
September 25, 2003

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The Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) and the East Coast Cricket Board (ECCB) yesterday denounced what they termed, “the unwarranted attack on the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) by persons holding themselves out as executives of the Demerara Cricket Board.”

In a strongly worded press statement yesterday, the two area boards in a joint statement said:” We have no doubt that the GCB can and in fact have spoken for itself in relation to the captaincy of the Guyana team.”

“However, the DCB has no moral authority to speak on the issue of the captaincy of the Guyana team or for that matter in relation to cricket in Demerara,” the release added.

According to the GCA/ECCB statement, the current executive of the DCB has used every delaying tactic, court manoeuvre and subterfuge to delay elections which were due since January this year.

The release also pointed out “that these executives have contemptuously refused to comply with the order of the Hon. Chief Justice to hold elections on the 15th of September, 2003.”

The GCA/ECCB in the joint communique signed by Harold Dhanraj president of the GCA and S. K Singh president of the ECCB, urged the DCB executives to move with `speed’ and purpose to have the delayed elections held.

The GCA/ECCB also criticised the GCB saying they should take some of the blame for the situation.

“The GCB must share some of the blame for this fiasco as it has, laid back supinely and allowed power-hungry individuals to masquerade as the DCB without elections,” the release stated.

“It has displayed no vertebrae in coming to grips with a situation that has the capacity to engulf and destroy cricket in the country,” the release stated.

The GCA/ECCB release, however, stated that it was not too late for the GCB as the governing body for cricket in Guyana to awake from its slumber and do something about an illegal regime masquerading as the DCB.

The Guyana Cricket Board recently announced the appointment of Shivnarine Chanderpaul as captain of the Guyana team for the upcoming Regional Red Stripe Bowl Limited overs competition, claiming that it was done through a process.

However, the current executive of the Demerara Cricket Board is crying `foul’ at the appointment and is urging Chanderpaul to decline the appointment in the national and regional interest.