DCB denounces GCB’s high-handedness
.... calls on Chanderpaul to decline captaincy appointment
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September 24, 2003

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The Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) yesterday called on Shivnarine Chanderpaul to decline the captaincy appointment of the national cricket team to participate in the 2003 Red Stripe Bowl regional one-day cricket competition which bowls off on October 1.

Chanderpaul was appointed captain by the three-man Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) selection panel of Joe Solomon, Alfred Maycock and Lennox Hunte on Monday ahead of main rival and West Indies vice-captain Ramnaresh Sarwan.

The announcement sparked heated debates on the issue and the

DCB has called on the GCB to explain its decision.

“Failing to offer a worthwhile explanation, the GCB should do the honorable thing and correct this situation. Should the GCB in it usual autocratic style, fail to exercise either option, the DCB is now calling on Chanderpaul to exercise prudent judgement and not allow himself to be used as the GCB’S political football,” the release stated.

The DCB called on Chanderpaul to decline the appointment in the best interests of Guyana and the West Indies.

“In the national and regional interest, Chanderpaul should display the courage and moral fibre that has been the hallmark of his brilliant career by declining this appointment as captain.

This is a glorious opportunity for him to display the skills, strength and courage of a true and selfless leader,” the DCB release stated.

Claiming that their lone representative on the GCB executive was not consulted or given an opportunity to participate in the decision, the DCB declared:”This decision can only be described as unbelievable, ludicrous and autocratic. The DCB calls on the GCB to hold themselves accountable to its constituents and the Guyanese nation as a whole for their actions. It is really difficult to fathom or understand the rationale behind the GCB’s decision,” the release, signed by PRO Raj Singh, stated.

The DCB said that when the WICB, the body in which the president and secretary of the GCB sit as directors, recently appointed Sarwan as West Indies vice-captain, the GCB supported that decision.

“Surely, if the GCB’s directors, had any objections to Sarwan’s appointment at that level, it should have been voiced at that forum. Sarwan’s appointment was met with widespread agreement and satisfaction in Guyana, the Caribbean and wider afield. Wes Hall, the then WICB president, had publicly stated that Sarwan was now being groomed as a future leader of West Indies cricket,” the DCB release pointed out.

“The question to ask here is, did the GCB’s directors put forward Chanderpual’s name or Sarwan’s name as vice captain at that meeting? At no time was Chanderpaul’s name mentioned nor did the GCB ever express any displeasure in this regard.

“The DCB is of the firm view that the GCB’s decision can only sow the seeds of discord and disunity between these two illustrious national heros and is definitely not what is desired at this stage of West Indies cricket development,” the release added.

The DCB said they took their cue from the WICB and appointed Sarwan as captain for the Demerara team in the recent inter county competition.

“Sarwan was successful as Demerara captain and gained valuable leadership practice and experience.

It should have followed naturally that he would have been appointed at the national level, but this was not to be,” the DCB lamented.

The DCB concluded by asking that cricket be the winner. “Let’s tidy up this situation quickly and rally round our team and ensure its success at the Red Stripe Bowl.”

Chanderpaul, who captained Guyana in four regional first class games in 2000 is one of three players in the side who have led Guyana before. The others are Neil McGarrell and Mahendra Nagamootoo.

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