Leaders to seek legal opinion on establishment of Police Service Commission
-state media boards to be reconstituted by October 31
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September 18, 2003

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President Bharrat Jagdeo and PNCR leader Robert Corbin in their Monday meeting, have overcome a number of obstacles as part of a review of the agreements made in previous talks, although it appears the appointment of a Chairman to the Public Service Commission remains a sticking point.

According to a joint statement coming out of this review process, the progress of implementation of agreements made in the Communiqué of 2003 May 6 and the Follow-up agreement of June 18 was acknowledged and outstanding matters addressed.

Appointment of the Members of the Constitutional Service Commissions:

The President and the Leader of the Opposition agreed to seek legal opinion to determine whether the Police Service Commission could be constituted without the appointment of the Chairman of the Public Service Commission.

The Leader of the Opposition undertook to consult further on the proposals of the President on addressing the Constitutional provisions dealing with the Police Service Commission.

The Appointment of the Commissions for Women and Gender Equity, Indigenous Peoples and the Rights of the Child: The Appointive Committee has already begun implementing the constitutionally mandated consultative process for the appointment of the members of these Commissions.

Remuneration for Mem-bers of Constitutional Commissions:

It was agreed that the levels of remuneration for Commissioners for the Constitutional Rights Commissions would be similar to those for members of the Constitutional Service Commissions.

Appointment of the Chairperson for the Human Rights Commission:

The Leader of the Opposition will begin consultations to prepare a list of eligible Nominees consistent with the constitutional formula for the appointment of the Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission.

National Policy on Land and House lots Distribution:

The PNCR will soon submit its assessment of the State Paper laid in the National Assembly by the Minister of Housing and Water.

Staffing and Physical Facilities for the National Assembly:

It was agreed that the PUC should urgently conclude arrangements for their removal from the Public Buildings. The Terms of Reference for the Needs Assessment has been agreed with the UNDP. Therefore, the IT Expert will be immediately engaged to determine the equipment and other needs for the Office of the National Assembly. The removal of the PUC would enable the early commencement of work for the modification of the building to serve the needs of the staff and committees of the National Assembly and allow for the installation of Information Technology and Communication (ITC) capacity.

Every effort would be made to complete installations by the end of the Parliamentary Recess.

The organisation and staffing of the Office of the National Assembly has already been agreed. However, further recruitment must await the availability of suitable accommodation at the Public Building.

Local Government Reform:

The Joint Committee will resume its work from Monday September 22.

Depressed Communities Needs:

The President and the Leader of the Opposition have agreed the projects to be implemented in Regions 6 and 10.

Radio Monopoly and Non Partisan Boards:

It was agreed that the consultations would begin immediately to ensure that the State Media Boards are reconstituted by October 31, in accordance with the recommendation of the Joint Broadcast Committee.

The representatives of the President and the Leader of the Opposition will meet next week to seek to reconcile the Opposition’s concerns about the Draft Broadcast Bill. The representatives of the President and the Leader of the Opposition will meet on Wednesday (yesterday) September 17 to consider both their proposals for giving effect to the commitment for Equitable Access by Political Parties (as distinct from Government) to the State Media.

Establishment of the Committee to Prepare a Comprehensive Development Programme for Region #10:

The final Report of the Government’s projects and programmes being executed in Region 10 will be submitted by Friday 2003 September 19.

Thereafter, the President and the Leader of the Opposition agreed to establish a Joint Team to examine the document to determine whether it represents a comprehensive Development Programme for Region 10.

Appointment of PPP/C and PNCR Nominees to State Boards, Commissions and Committees:

All the Boards, Committees and Commissions on which the PNCR would be represented have been agreed.

Establishment of Office of the Leader of the Opposition:

The modalities for the establishment of the Office of the Leader of the Opposition were determined.

Agreements for the Electricity Sector:

The Government of Guyana will verify whether the agreements were all tabled in the National Assembly.

Dissolution of the Linden Town Council and Appointment of an Interim Management Committee:

It was agreed that the Linden Town Council will be dissolved in accordance with the Municipal and District Councils Act and an Interim Management Committee appointed. The representatives of the President and the Leader of the Opposition will confer to settle the details necessary for this to be done.

Meeting to Discuss Outstanding Agenda Items:

It was agreed that the President and the Leader of the Opposition will meet in two (2) weeks to commence their discussion of the De-Politicisation of the Public Service, Legislation on Crossing the Floor, Legislation establishing a Permanent Elections Commission and the PPP/C Paper on Inclusive Governance.

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