PNCR demands apology for raid on Clarke’s home

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September 6, 2003

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The PNCR is demanding a public explanation and apology from the government for the Guyana Police Force search of its General Secre-tary’s home two weeks ago.

The party is also calling on the Commissioner of Police to undertake an inquiry into the search and an assurance from the government this ‘nonsense’ would not happen again.

Party member, Raphael Trotman told reporters at a press conference on Thursday that the party was in receipt of a letter from the Commis-sioner of Police stating that an internal investigation into the illegal search was being conducted.

Trotman said, “the PNCR is particularly alarmed and disturbed at the search on Thursday August 21 by ranks of the GPF of the home of Oscar Clarke, General Secretary of the party.”

Trotman told the media that the search was in itself illegal in that there was no search warrant obtained and/or exhibited prior to or after the raid. He said it also raised questions about the motives of the misguided ranks who were obviously ordered by someone superior to carry out the search.

Public Relations Officer of the GPF, Assistant Superin-tendent, David Ramnarine had told this newspaper that the police had every right to respond to information from the public. He said in the particular case of Clarke’s home, the police had been responding to a tip off.

But Trotman said the PNCR considered it a serious matter as there was an obvious linkage between recent remarks by President Jagdeo and others, that PNCR officials were involved in criminal activity, and the search.

According to Trotman, it was a calculated and deliberate attempt to embarrass and demonise the General Secretary so as to create some perception in the minds of the citizenry that there was some truth to the PPP/C’s lies.

“Our party has on numerous occasions, challenged the PPP/C to deliver to the public the so-called proof it claims it has of the involvement of senior party leaders in crime.”

Trotman said not surprisingly they have failed to do so despite the condemnation of Amnesty International and others of their dangerous manoeuvres to paint the hierarchy of the PNCR as villains.

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