Drivers only required to provide licence when stopped by police
-Five days to declare other documents, says Felix

Stabroek News
September 2, 2003

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Police Commissioner designate Winston Felix has declared that the laws of Guyana state that the only document that ought to be produced by a driver when stopped by a traffic officer is his or her driverís licence.
The driver has another five days to bring all other documents to the nearest police station.
Speaking at the opening of a five-day training seminar aimed at upgrading training for traffic ranks, Felix acknowledged that this was not being observed by some officers who demanded that the drivers produce all the documents on the spot.
Fourteen traffic officers drawn from around the country are participants in the seminar which has one of its objectives the upgrading of knowledge and skills in accident investigation.
Two other objectives are to create an awareness of the need for officers to perform duties in a more professional manner and to promote greater efficiency and effectiveness in traffic management. In the feature address Felix reminded the participants that it was now the last quarter of the year when there would be increased activities, both in crime and traffic on the roadway.
He hoped that the training would help the participants to be reminded of the good things that they should do on the road and also of the bad things they should avoid.
He also reminded the officers that their duties were not just for the daytime in the week but extended into the nights and weekend.
The seminar is the second of a series of training courses planned for traffic officers.
Traffic Chief, Michael Harlequin said that the course would entail lectures on accident investigation and courtesy. The ranks will also be involved in both theory and practical training for hand signals.

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