Caribbean churches to oppose single-sex marriages at Anglican summit
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August 17, 2003

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The Anglican churches in the Caribbean, including Guyana, are strongly opposed to any moves towards single-sex marriages and this will be their position at the emergency summit of Anglican prelates and archbishops to be held in London in October. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is convening the special summit following the recent developments in the United States in which a homosexual was elected a bishop, with concerns being expressed by Anglican church leaders in other parts of the Anglican communion over the activities of homosexuals in the top echelons of the church.

Bishop of Guyana Randolph George is this weeks guest on the Demico House-sponsored television programme One on One to be shown on GTV tonight at 8:00pm.

He disclosed that Archbishop of the West Indies Drexel Gomez would be going to the summit with the clear understanding that same-sex marriages strike at the integrity of the family and that its time had not yet come as far as the Anglican Church in the Caribbean was concerned.

In the programme to be rebroadcast on Tuesday afternoon at 5:05 pm, Bishop George expressed satisfaction with the decision by Members of Parliament recently to give further consideration to the sexual-orientation bill.

He had earlier proposed a cooling-off period to allow the measure to be discussed dispassionately.

The Anglican bishop will later this month be ordaining four stipendiary priests to serve in the diocese.

They will follow Banks-DIH executive Andrew Carto, who was ordained several years ago in Saint Georges Cathedral.

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