Collymore urges steps to have embankment vendors occupy Leonora market
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August 14, 2003

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Local Government Minister Clinton Collymore says that steps should be taken to have the vendors on the Leonora railway embankment occupy the market in the area.

In light of concerns expressed by Leonora residents regarding vending on the railway embankment, Collymore met with both parties and officials of the Regional Democratic Council yesterday.

Although the market has capacity for approximately 600 vendors, some have chosen to occupy the railway embankment and this has caused an ongoing dispute between the vendors and residents of the community for a number of years, the Government Information Agency (GINA) reported.

Residents have complained that the location of vendors’ stalls along the railway embankment has resulted in “unsanitary conditions” while several persons have suffered criminal attacks, GINA reported.

Prem Jitlall, who represented the local mandir, said fear of suffering attacks has affected the attendance of worshippers and now there is a build-up of garbage in front of the temple.

In response to the protest raised by the residents, the vendors said they pay a weekly fee to occupy the area, adding that it is expensive for them to carry their produce into the market since its entrance and exit are small, GINA said.

Collymore in an effort to resolve the problem, pointed out that the market has adequate space to accommodate the vendors who are currently selling outside of it, GINA said. He also called on the members of the Co-op which supervises the market’s operations to upgrade the facilities and services, and provide some security for vendors.

“The view that the market should be occupied is dominant and we should take steps to see that it is occupied,” the minister declared.

“These facilities should be in place so that the vendors cannot say that they are not satisfied,” GINA quoted Collymore as saying.

Regional Chairman of Region Three Esau Dookie said his office is examining the idea of installing security fences and laying concrete in those areas of the market which could become muddy, GINA stated.

He said it is unfair for the residents to endure the situation they have complained about.

There will be provision for the rehabilitation of the road adjacent to the railway embankment in the region’s budget for next year.

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