Say yes to the Homophobe Bill Wednesday Ramblings..
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July 23, 2003

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This week the parliament will, by default, pass the Homophobe Bill, a landmark piece of legislation which protects the rights of homophobes to discriminate against homosexuals.

We at WR are in full support of the long overdue bill because in the past there had been many reports of homophobes being unjustly victimised for their opinions and behaviour. Homophobes can be identified by a propensity to sweat when in the company of homosexuals, to make lewd jokes or even beat them.

But we are tolerant of the homophobic attitude and just see it as mediaeval paranoia. We are however worried that in years to come the country could be full of homophobes walking arm in arm against the gay agenda and spouting outrageous myths such as homosexuals demanding government funded sex change operations at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Same sex marriages of homophobes may even get out of control and there may be countless little homophobes running around everywhere. We can live with this.

Fundamentally, homophobes have yet to understand the principles of tolerance and individual liberty.

That people should accept and, at the least, ignore different behaviour as long as it does not impinge on society’s welfare and safety. What people choose to do in their own homes is nobody’s business but their own.

We are hopeful that with love, counselling and merciful care, homophobes will eventually overcome their childish fears. In the meantime lawmakers must protect their rights because after all this is a democracy not a theocracy.

UN Rapporteur Raps (in the style of Eminem)
Guyana in the Caribbean basin, got too much racism,
Too much discrimination, polarisation and leaders with lame explanations,
People living in fear, others afraid of queers
I went to speak with Green the Mayor
But he was not there
They said he would be back soon from a visit with Sun Myung Moon
Saw Freddie jogging on the seawall
Waiting for the grass clippings to fall
Spoke to Corbin on the telephone
But understood little. He was chewing cassava pone
Going to write to my man, Kofi Annan
Ask him to lend a hand
To make a new start, on Dr Diene’s Dre cart behind a horse that eats pine tarts
Gangster man! Take that jacked car and park it
In front of Stabroek Market
Switch off the TV and those politicians’ hos
With their bigoted talk shows
People gotta live as one, no guns, just fun with hot cross buns
Thanks to the UN rap meister
That’s me... rhyming against racism
Doudou Diene.... uhuh... Diene.... uhuh... Diene’s in the house

Question of the Week
Which hole did the plagiarist crawl out from and could he please return there?

Helpful Tip of the Week
When a driver, in front of you, starts throwing out boxes of fast food and soda bottles, give a friendly blow on your horn so he knows you know what a slob he is. Then when you overtake him flip him the finger and force him into the trench.

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