ABC Academy students do ‘Sir Chandra’ proud

Stabroek News
July 3, 2003

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Eleven-year-old Errol Van Lange of the ABC Academy scored 550 and “...was very surprised because I never expected to be in the top ten even though I knew I would have done well.”

He was especially grateful to his parents, Kamala and Errol Snr, and ABC’s Principal Arthur Bernard Chandra.

“My mom was very supportive, she was my driving force and always told me, you can do this. I am also very grateful to my father, who gave me encouragement although he was very busy with his occupation, my uncle Davenand Mohabir, who helped me with Maths and my older sister, Sherry.”

The aspiring pilot is a resident of 213 D’andrade Street, Newtown Kitty and enjoys reading, swimming and playing table tennis in his spare time.

“Work hard because it helps you to reach your goal and the results will definitely be great,” Errol advises other students.

Smiling ecstatically, 11-year-old Sara Scott, who scored 545, said she was somewhat surprised at her excellent results but had expected to perform well.

The North Georgetown Primary School student was full of praise for her parents, other family members and schoolteachers when Stabroek News caught up with her just moments after her graduation yesterday.

“I would like to thank my teacher, Miss Joseph and parents, especially my father who gave me scores of encouragement, and all the other teachers who have taught me over these six years.”

The eldest of two children born to Michael and Hazel Scott, she is still undecided about a career choice but may become a teacher or an author.

Sara lives at 4 Ujaama Housing Scheme, La Bonne Intention, East Coast Demerara and loves to read and listen to music.

Aspiring computer technologist, Neil Singh was over the moon when he learnt he would soon be a student of Queen’s College after scoring 544.

Neil, who is 12 years old and a student of North Georgetown Primary school, said “I’m very happy about my results. I would like to thank everyone in my family who helped me, especially my parents and sisters and my teacher, Miss Joseph.”

He lives with his mom, Nandranie and father, Ramjit, as well as his two sisters at 36 Sandy Babb Street, Kitty. Neil uses his spare time to read, use the computer, play cricket and swim.

Eleven-year-old Montague McPherson Jnr was very pleased with his 544 score. The ABC Academy student, who wants to become a biologist, praised his parents, Aunt Marjorie Rohee and Principal Arthur Bernard Chandra for their “encouragement and continuous support.”

He is the only child of Diane Coltress-McPherson and Montague McPherson Snr. He enjoys reading, riding his bike, surfing the net and swimming.

He lives at 13 North Road, Bourda and advises other students to “Put in hard work and study. In your spare time, if you have nothing to do, revise so that you can refresh your memory and pass your exams with flying colours.”

Smiling shyly, School of the Nations pupil, Poonam Agarwal who also scored 544, said, “I expected to do better but I would like to thank God for courage and guidance, parents for their support, the Principal Christine Brisport and my teacher, Mrs Cheryl Semple.”

Poonam is the youngest of two children born to parents, Drs. Pradeep and Monisha Agrawal; an Opthalmologist and Private Medical Practitioner, respectively. She resides at 186 Eping Avenue, Bel Air Park and would like to be a medical doctor.