Leonora students prosper once more

Stabroek News
July 3, 2003

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Though she expected to do well, 12-year-old Keren Dolphin of Leonora Primary School was overwhelmed by her success at the examination, in which she placed second overall, obtaining 556, just one mark less than Gonsalves.

Dolphin had initially been told she had secured the `top spot’ but was in no way disappointed when she learnt of her demotion to second, and she was content with her placement at Queen’s College.

Keren, who is described as a “self-motivated child” by her mother Jeavon, is a prospective author and singer, which she says is because of her love of reading and her desire to motivate young children.

Grateful for the support of her teachers, head teacher and her parents, Keren, who lives at Harlem on the West Coast of Demerara, says she had expected to do well because she had “worked very hard.”

“I always knew she would do well, she works hard and is a very self-motivated child, said Jeavon “All we need to do is give her support and encourage her....” A nurse by profession, she said that this was all any parent needed to do. “Just work with your children and put confidence in their [abilities],” said the mother, who added that she spent late nights working with her daughter despite her own busy schedule. “You have to try make the time....”

At Concord Primary, flanked by her friends who were elated at her success, 11-year-old Yana Edwards, who placed third overall, said she still dreams of helping the world. A budding scientist, Edwards, the daughter of Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards, was excited by her success which she attributed to the unwavering support of her parents and teacher.

The shy girl gained 552 marks and will be attending Queen’s College come September, which she dubbed as “the best school.”

Her advice for next year’s hopefuls is, “you have to work hard and study. Remember, it’s only a short time, you’ll get your play afterwards.”

Meanwhile, more cool about the whole thing was Easa Sanichara, also of Leonora Primary, who obtained 546 marks, placing him twelfth overall.

Also confident in his own abilities, the 12-year-old Sanichar who described himself as a consistent student, said he also expected his hard work to pay off coupled with the support of his teachers and parents.

Sanichar, a prospective teacher who enjoys playing chess and cricket, advises students who wish to emulate his success to study hard, but make room for play, “that’s the secret.”