DCB executives face contempt proceedings By George Barclay

Guyana Chronicle
September 26, 2003

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YESTERDAY afternoon, Contempt of Court proceedings were filed against Paul Chan-A-Sue and Wycliffe McAlister, President and Secretary respectively of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB).

The executive members are accused of flouting a Court Order given by Chief Justice Carl Singh relating to the holding of Cricket Club elections based on “delegates allocation” status as agreed on. They are to appear in Court next week to show cause why they should not be sent to jail.

Professor Aubrey Bishop had conducted an investigation into the status of clubs within the various sub-associations in Georgetown, East Bank and West Demerara and had arrived at a formula, which was agreed to by all including the Board executives.

As a result of that investigation, by which all the sub-Associations and the Demerara Cricket Board agreed to abide, the matter engaged the attention of the Chief Justice, before whom the participants agreed to an Order for the holding of a General Meeting of the Demerara Cricket Board on September 15 at the Georgetown Cricket Club.

There the meeting with elections, was to be held under the “delegates allocation” plan for the various Club associations as ruled upon by Professor Bishop.

On September 15, the Executive members did not convene the meeting. They reneged from their agreement and simply ignored the Court Order, which Chief Justice Singh had made and which was based on the “delegates allocation” ruling of Professor Bishop

According to the Summons for Contempt, which was filed yesterday by lawyers Mr Khemraj Ramjattan and Ms Emily Dodson, on the day in question, the defendants, Chan-A- Sue and McAlister, walked out of the meeting,

The executives, it is said, refused to adhere to the delegate “allocation status” as contained in the Order and promised to conduct elections based on an allocation, which they claimed they had decided on since June, 2003.

This, it is said, was a flagrant breach of the Court Order of Chief Justice Singh. They walked out from the head table and therefore no election could have been conducted, the Summons for Contempt disclosed.