Sports library opened at Colgrain House

Guyana Chronicle
September 24, 2003

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A SPORTS reference library was officially opened to the public at Colgrain Pool secretariat, Camp Street, Saturday.

The opening was one part of the ceremony for Colgrain Pool’s second anniversary celebration under the administration of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport.

Sport Minister Gail Teixeira, Mayor Hamilton Green, Tourism Minister Manzoor Nadir and other sports enthusiasts attended the ceremony.

Colgrain Pool and its facilities are open to the public daily from Sunday to Saturday and the ministry saw it as a way to celebrate some aspects of its developmental programme.

The library has reading material for all disciplines and is readily available to interested persons. The material ranges from the basic ground rules of the sports to medicine and injuries.

According Swimming Development Officer Stephanie Fraser, anyone can use the material, but only to read on the spot or to photocopy information.

While the office does not have its own photocopying machine, arrangements can be made to have the information copied with either Fraser or her secretary Desiree Cummings during working hours.

Fraser said the aim behind the library is to provide information for athletes on aspects of sport that are not clear to them.

The secretary has the development programme with the theme: “Water Safety”, running throughout the year.

Clubs were invited to be a part of the programme, but according to her, members from the Dorado and Dolphin clubs showed more interest than others. The Silver Shark and Orca Swin clubs showed some degree of interest but that faded.

The national swim coach said that the office was in the process of working along with the Red Cross Society to have first aid and CPR classes taught to senior swimmers of the various clubs.

Colgrain Pool caters for all sporting disciplines. At least one track & field club utilises the facility in its training schedule.

A family fun day was also held as part of the anniversary observances in which the clubs participated in novelty swimming events and demonstrated various ways of making flotation devices, among other things.

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