Berbice Police mobilised to fight rising crime
- Police Commissioner

Guyana Chronicle
September 21, 2003

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(GINA)- POLICE Commissioner, Floyd McDonald has expressed concern over the spate of crime in the Corentyne area over the past week.

Speaking to the Government Information Agency (GINA) from his office yesterday, the Commissioner said that recently four robberies were committed. There was also the abduction of a woman who was subsequently found dead. He noted that the investigation is still in progress.

Friday evening, Shameer Hussain, 36 was fatally shot while in the company of friends at a liquor restaurant at Lot 18 Section A, Kildonan Village. He was killed by armed bandits who assaulted the proprietor and his wife and robbed them of cash and money. The couple is hospitalised.

"We are taking active steps to catch the perpetrators," said Commissioner Mc. Donald.

He noted that additional reinforcement was allocated to the Berbice Division in terms of plain clothes and uniformed policemen.

The Commissioner said that the objectives are to assist the Berbice division with the investigation, to arrest the perpetrators and to engage in preventative anti-crime activities.

"The Police has been mobilised to reverse the trend of crime in Berbice," said McDonald.

He urged the residents of the Corentyne communities not to be alarmed over the situation and he appealed to them and the business community to provide the Police Force with any necessary assistance.

McDonald is of the view that most of the crime in the area, are being committed by persons living in the surrounding areas.

"We are of the firm belief if not all of them, most of them are from Berbice area," the Commissioner said.

Community Policing Groups (CPG) are urged to support the Police in containing the criminal activities. The Commissioner also noted that there are some policing groups which have been inactive. He urged them to re-organise themselves in the interest of crime prevention.

Commissioner McDonald indicated that he is likely to visit the location as soon as possible and has given the assurance to the Berbice community that the Police will be actively involved in the fight against crime.

"I want to reassure persons that no stone will be left unturned on the current situation in Berbice," said McDonald.

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